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College in High School Program

College Credit for AP® and Dual Enrollment Courses
By successfully completing Advanced Placement® and Dual Enrollment courses at Bishop Guilfoyle, students can earn college credits. The average cost of a credit at a state university is $700. A Bishop Guilfoyle student pays an average of $60 per credit while in high school.
As with any transfer of credits, students should always check with the college they plan on attending before dual enrolling. For more information,
Dual Enrollment Forms
AP® Courses
Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses provide college-level curriculum developed by College Board, makers of the SAT, to high school students. Students are taught the course by Bishop Guilfoyle teachers during the regular school day.  All students must take the AP exam at the end of the school year.  The college that the student attends will review the exam score(s) and may grant the student college credit for their AP score(s).  Typically, colleges that award college credit for an AP exam score require a score of a 4 or a 5.  You are encouraged to check with your college to see how credit is earned through AP tests.
  • Art History
  • Biology
  • Calculus AB
  • Calculus BC**
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science A**
  • Computer Science Principles**
  • Language and Composition
  • Literature and Composition
  • Environmental Science
  • European History
  • Music Theory
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Spanish Language and Culture
  • Studio Art:  Drawing
  • U.S. History
  • World History

        **offered by online provider
Dual Enrollment Courses
Our Dual Enrollment Program is currently in place with Mount Aloysius College, Pennsylvania Highlands Community College, Seton Hill University and Saint Francis University. Dual Enrollment courses have been approved by a post-secondary institution as qualifying for college credit. Dual enrollment colleges and courses are as follows:

Available Courses and Associated School(s):

  • Accounting I:  Seton Hill
  • Accounting II:  Penn Highlands
  • Anatomy/Physiology I:  Saint Francis, Mount Aloysius, Seton Hill
  • Anatomy/ Physiology II: Saint Francis, Seton Hill
  • AP Art History:  Seton Hill
  • AP Biology: Saint Francis, Mount Aloysius, Seton Hill, Penn Highlands
  • AP Calculus AB:  Saint Francis
  • AP Chemistry:  Mount Aloysius
  • AP Environmental Science:  Saint Francis
  • AP European History:  Mount Aloysius
  • AP Language and Composition (Junior year):  Mount Aloysius
  • AP Literature and Composition (Senior year):  Mount Aloysius
  • AP Music Theory:  Saint Francis
  • AP Psychology:  Seton Hill
  • AP Spanish Language:  Seton Hill
  • AP Studio Art:  Drawing:  Seton Hill
  • AP U.S. History:  Seton Hill
  • College Probability and Statistics- Honors:  Saint Francis (professor-in-residence course)
  • Environmental Sustainability:  Saint Francis
  • Forensics:  Seton Hill
  • Intro to Engineering and STEM- Honors (Not Available 2018-2019): Saint Francis (professor-in-residence course)
  • Intro to Exceptionalities- Honors:  Saint Francis (professor-in-residence course)
  • Microbiology:  Seton Hill
  • Physics:  Saint Francis
  • Pre-Calculus- Honors:  Saint Francis
  • Spanish III:  Seton Hill
  • Visual Basic Computer Programming:  Mount Aloysius
  • Wall Street 101- Honors: Saint Francis (professor-in-residence course)

Associates Degree
The Mountie-Marauder Partnership is a pathway for BG students to significantly advance their educational journey by earning two years of college while in high school.  Completion of this innovative programs allows students to graduate from Bishop Guilfoyle with an Associate of Art in Liberal Arts from Mount Aloysius College.    To request more information on the  College Degree in High School Program, contact the school counseling office at 814-944-4014 or by emailing    
College Degree in High School Program

Professors in Residence Program

Saint Francis University professors are bringing their expertise and curriculum into the classrooms at Bishop Guilfoyle. Currently, Bishop Guilfoyle offers courses instructed by professors:
  • Honors College Probability and Statistics – 3 credits
  • Honors Introduction to Exceptionalities - 3 credits
  • Honors Wall Street 101: Business in a Global Society – 3  credits
  • Honors Fine Arts: Culture and Values – 3 credits*
  • Introduction to Engineering and STEM-  3 credits

*Study Abroad Program...An Extension of the Professors in Residence Program for students who desire to immerse themselves in French culture and education, Bishop Guilfoyle is partnering with Saint Francis University to offer the course, Fine Arts Culture and Values, a 3 college credit course for grades 11-12. This course program provides a curriculum study at the Saint Francis University facility in Ambialet, France. Bishop Guilfoyle students who apply and are accepted into the program will travel and study with Saint Francis University professors, learning pre-historical times and antiquity through examining the birth of spirituality and abstract thought in mankind, and then move along to the emergence and development of Christianity during the Roman Empire. Students will visit monuments, ruins, and cathedrals.

Professors in Residence Program