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Goodness, Discipline, Knowledge

Pre-Collegiate, Career-Focused Curriculum

The Catholic, pre-collegiate, career-focused curriculum at Bishop Guilfoyle is organized to enable each student to grow in all areas of learning - academic, social, physical and spiritual.

Pre-AP® Preparatory Program - Grades 7 and 8
Bishop Guilfoyle's challenging Pre-AP® Curriculum in a technologically advanced learning program provides an alternative education program for students academically prepared for accelerated education. 
Classes are designed to be a rigorous preparation for AP® Courses, and are therefore intended to be challenging, yet beneficial to students demonstrating above grade-level readings, projects, and activities. The coursework requires students to engage in independent and analytical assignments and to complete a substantial amount of work outside of the classroom.
Honors Program - Grades 7 and 8
The goal of the Honors 7th and 8th Grade Program is to provide a challenging curriculum in a technologically advanced learning program.  It is designed to provide an educational opportunity in our high school for academically advanced students, grades 7 and up, so that they are able to take full advantage of our advanced placement and college in high school programs.

One-to-one Technology
At Bishop Guilfoyle, we understand that technologies are vital for students' futures.  Each student is provided an Apple iPad upon enrollment at no additional cost.  The one-to-one technology device transforms the classroom into a learning environment that gives teachers and students endless access to world-wide educational resources.  In addition, it is a tool that assists teachers with students' different styles of learning.

Virtual Education Days
Virtual education days are implementd when school is canceled due to inclement weather, scheduled for cross cirricular, and interdisciplinary lessons.

Advanced Placement® Course Program
Advamced Placement® (AP®) courses provide college-level curriculum developed by College Board, makers of the SAT, to high school students.  Currently, Bishop Guilfoyle offers 17 AP® courses across all academic areas.
Associates Degree
The Mountie-Marauder Partnership is a pathway for BG students to significantly advance their educational journey by earning two years of college while in high school.  Completion of this innovative programs allows students to graduate from Bishop Guilfoyle with an Associate of Art in Liberal Arts from Mount Aloysius College.    To request more information on the College Degree in High School Program, contact the school counseling office at 814-944-4014 or by emailing    

Professors in Residence Program and Study Abroad Program
Saint Francis University professors are bringing their expertise and curriculum into the class rooms at Bishop Guilfoyle.  Currently, Bishop Guilfoyle offers three courses instructed by Saint Francis proffersors.
Study Abroad Program is an extension of the Professors in Residence Program for students who desire to immerse themselves in French culture and education, Bishop Guilfoyle is partnering with Saint Francis University to offer the course, U.S. High School Meets the Middle Ages in South West France, a 3 college credit course for grades 11-12.

Dual Enrollment Course Program
Our Dual Enrollment Program is currently in place with Mount Aloysius College, Pennsylvania Highlands Community College, and Saint Francis University.  Dual Enrollment courses have been approved by a post-secondary institution as qualifying for college credit.  Currently, there are 26 classes being offered.