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Bishop Guilfoyle

Catholic High School

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Goodness, Discipline, Knowledge


Adams, Stacey
Education:  Masters in Ed. - Saint Francis University; B.S. Mathematics Ed. - Pennsylvania State University
Subject: Mathematics
Classes: Pre-AP® Algebra 1, Precalculus, Algebra 2, Geometry/SAT 
Dr. Bandstra, Joel
Professor in Residence Program with Saint Francis University
Subject:  Engineering
Classes:  Introduction to Engineering 1 & 2, STEM
Barkman, Emily
Education: Masters in Ed., Secondary School Counseling - Shippensburg;  B.S. Business Admin, Marketing - Slippery Rock University
School Counselor
Club moderator/Coach: Aevidum
Katrina Brown
Education: Masters of Science in Curriculum and Instruction - University of Scranton; B.S. in Art Education - Indiana University of Pennsylvania, English Certification - Saint Francis University
Subject: English
Classes: Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition
Pre-AP Facilitator
Byrne, Victoria
Education: Secondary Biology Education - Pennsylvania State University
Subject: Science
Classes: Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Integrated Science
Club Moderator/Coach: Junior/Senior Class Advisor, PJAS Sponsor
Crocker, Stuart
Education: B.S. in Chemistry - Rochester Institute of Technology; Ed. Certification - Indiana University of Pennsylvania/Saint Francis University
Subject: Chemistry and Computer Languages
Classes: Chemistry Lab, A.P. Chemistry, Visual Basic, Visual C++
Club Moderator/Coach: Fencing Team, Strategy Club, Classic Movie Club
Garner, Karla
Education: B.A. in Social Sciences (Track in Ed.) - Robert Morris University
Subject: Spanish and French
Classes: Spanish and French
Club Moderator/Coach: French Club
Dr. Harris, John
Professor in Residence Program with Saint Francis University
Subject:  Engineering
Classes:  Introduction to Engineering 1 & 2, STEM
Hayes, Diane
Education:  B.A. in English - Texas A&M University; Lay Ecclesial Ministry Certification
Subject:  Spanish
Classes:  Spanish 1, Spanish 2
Lightner, David
Education:  Masters in Ed. Health and Physical Education - Indiana University; B.S. Exercise Science - Frostburg State University
Subject:  Health and Physical Education
Classes:  Health and Physical Education
Moudry, Tyler
Education:  B.A. in History Political Science - Mount Aloysius College, Certified in General Science Content 7th - 12th grades
Subject: Social Studies
Classes: A.P. European History, Sociology, Government, Economics
Dr. Munio, Pedro
Professor in Residence Program with Saint Francis University
Subject:  Chemistry
Classes:  Honors Probability and Statistics
Provenzano, Suzanne
Education: Masters in Ed. - St. Francis University; B.S. Mathematics - Misericordia University; Physics certification - Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
Subject: Mathematics, Physics
Classes: Physics, AP Calculus AB, Honors Calculus BC
Club Moderator/Coach: Scholastic Team, Student Activities Co-coordination

Shaw, MaryAnn
Professor in Residence Program with Saint Francis University
Classes:  Intro to Excep-Hon
Stout, Erin
Education: B.A. - Lock Haven University; Masters - Saint Francis University
Subject: IU8 Reading Specialist
Classes: English Language
Sidler, Jana
Education: B.S. in Management - Syracuse University, B.S. in Secondary Art Education - College of Notre Dame of Maryland
Subject: Art
Classes: Art History, Art Theory, Art Studio
Club Moderator/Coach: Mock Trial, Sophomore Class Advisor
Toy, Chelsie
Education: B.S. Secondary Ed. Mathematics - University of Pittsburgh
Subject: Mathematics
Classes: Honors Pre-Calculus, Advanced Math/Geometry
Club Moderator/Coach: Ski Club

Baker, Gina
Education: B.S. Ed. - Pennsylvania State University
Subject: Science
Classes: Pre AP® Biology, Biology, Pre AP® Chemistry and Physics, Ecology, Environmental Sustainability, AP® Environmental Science
Club Moderator/Coach: Ecoclub
Brown, Chris
Education: Masters in Ed in Curriculum and Instruction and B.A. in English - Pennsylvania State University
Subject: English
Club Moderator/Coach: National Honor Society
Cleary, Maureen
Education:  Masters of Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction:  Secondary Ed. English - George Mason University: B.A. in English - Villanova University
Subject:  English
Classes:  English 1 & 3, Pre-AP Eng/Lang Arts
Fera, Anna
Education:  B.A. in Arts in Theology and Catechetics - Franciscan University of Steubenville
Subject: Religion
Classes: Religion 1 and 2
Kowalski, Chalsea
Education:  B.S. in Social Studies Education - Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Subject: Social Studies
Classes: Personal Finance, Psychology, Geography/World Cult, AP Psychology
 Lenhart, Chelsea
School Counselor
Education:  Masters of Education in Counselor Education - Pennsylvania State University;
B.A. in Psychology - Lycoming College; Certification - National Board for
Certified Counselors
Subject:  Advisory
Classes:  Advisory
Dr. Logue, James
Professor in Residence Program with Saint Francis University
Subject:  Wall Street 101 - Honors
Classes:  Wall Street 101 - Honors
Manfred, Matthew
Education:  BA in Secondary Education/History - Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA
Subject:  History
Classes:  AP World History, AP US History, US History
Mao, Yuanhuan
Education:  Bachelor of Secondary English - Hubei University, China, Master of Education Program, Wuhan University, China
Subject:  Chinese
Classes:  Chinese 1, 2, 3, & 4
Mountain, Jonathan
Education:  Masters of Music in Performance - Pennsylvania State University; B.S. in Music
Education - Pennsylvania State University; PA Professional Certification in Music K-12
Subject:  Music
Classes:  Chorus 1, 2, & 3, Music Hist & Theory, Band
Potopa, Rachel
Education:  B.S. in Mathematics - Franciscan University of Steubenville
Subject:  Math
Classes:  Business Math, Algebra 1, Pre-Algebra, Coll Alegbra, Prob/Stat, ACT/SAT Math & Geometry
Querry, Nicole
Education:  Masters in Education - Saint Francis University, B.S. in Business Education - Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Subject:  Multimedia/Web Design, Accounting
Classes:  Multimedia/Web Design, Accounting
Shrift, Anna
Education: B.A. Art Ed. - Saint Vincent College; Certification as a Program Specialist, English as a Second Language
Subject: English as a Second Language (ESL)
Club Moderator/Coach: International Student Ambassador Program
Snyder, Dennis
Professor in Residence Program with Saint Francis University
Sutton, Robert
Education: Masters in Theology and B.A. in Theology with a concentration in Religious Ed. - Franciscan University of Steubenville Master's in Theology
Subject: Religion
Classes: Religion IV ('The Christian Life') and Christian Discipleship
Club Moderator/Coach: Campus Ministry, incl. Campus Ministry and Voice for Life
Yingling, Jane
Education: B.A. in English/Journalism, Secondary Ed. in English - Saint Francis University
Subject: English
Classes: World Literature/British Lit, American Lit, A.P. English, Composition and Lit, Public Speaking/Journalism
Club Moderator/Coach: Drama