Bishop Guilfoyle

Bishop Guilfoyle

Catholic High School

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Goodness, Discipline, Knowledge

Our Catholic Legacy

Bonitas (goodness), Disciplina (discipline) and Scientia (knowledge) are the founding values of Bishop Guilfoyle High School, now in its 96th year of educating young people.

We believe discipline frees students to learn. Learning invites knowledge. And knowledge leads to ultimate goodness.

In the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese, the typical number of hours of religious instruction provide to a young person in a Catholic school (grades (1-12) is 1,620 hours. That is 500 percent more religious instruction than those students receive who are not in the Catholic school system.

With Jesus Christ as model and inspiration, our students receive the benefits of a solid foundation of faith, morality and service.

Our students attend monthly Masses with their classmates, and have many opportunities for communal and personal prayer throughout the school year.

In addition to these external signs, daily Advent and Lenten liturgies and special Masses for athletic and other extracurricular groups were added to the community liturgies and retreats already well established in the school. To commemorate the joining of the entire student body as one, and to maintain the historical connection with the original building at Sixth Avenue.