Bishop Guilfoyle

Bishop Guilfoyle

Catholic High School

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Goodness, Discipline, Knowledge

Our History

Catholic secondary education has existed for decades in the Altoona area community. In 1922 the diocese established a central high school at 1100 Sixth Avenue under the title of Altoona Catholic High School.

As time passed and education made further demands, the original Pleasant Valley Boulevard building was opened to house the juniors and seniors.

At that time the school was re-named in honor of Bishop Richard T. Guilfoyle, third Bishop of the Diocese from 1936 to 1957. Age continued to take its toll on the original structure at Sixth Avenue, and in 1985, a new wing was added to the front of the Pleasant Valley building and all four years of high school were brought together again. Since our inception, almost 11,000 students have received diplomas, the vast majority going on to higher education. In fact, 90 percent of the graduates of the Class of 2011 pursued high education.

Alumni have responded generously to a life of religious service: an impressive number of graduates have been ordained priests or have become professed sisters or brothers. It is interesting to note that more than seven hundred marriages have taken place in which both spouses are alumni of our high school.

Our high school serves two dozen parishes in Altoona and surrounding areas, as far as State College. Students of other faith traditions are also part of our school community. Members of the educational staff possess college degrees and are state certified.

Bishop Guilfoyle has gained the respect of our community over the years. Our diploma has helped thousands find quality colleges, satisfying employment, and happy, fulfilled lives. Athletically, our teams have competed locally and state-wide, bringing pride to our high school. Our record testifies to success. With God's help we will continue to use our gifts to better ourselves and to serve others.

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10k Grads

Since our inception, over 10,000 students have received diplomas, the vast majority going on to higher education.