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Student Council

Student Council

Moderator: Miss. Anna Shrift


Student Council is led by an elected group of students. Students are elected into Officer Roles each spring. These elected roles include Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs. The Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs lead individual committees: Blood Drive, Dance, Sideline Cancer, Community Service, and Celebration Committees. Any student, at any grade level can become a Student Council Committee member and actively participate in the school community.


Committees will typically meet after school, as needed, at a time and location set by the Committee Leaders. Each committee has individual membership requirements. Please see individual Committee Requirements below:


Blood Drive Committee

-Work two Saturday Blood Drives 7am-4pm

-Members who work both Saturday drives are eligible to work the weekday blood drive, which takes place during school day

-Recruit one person to donate blood for each drive.

-Assist in the solicitation of food donations.


Dance Committee

-Assist in the planning and coordination of Homecoming, Sadie Hawkins, and Luau Dance

-Must be present to help in the set up before and clean up after dances.

-Recruit Chaperones

-Provide input on themes and help to create decorations


Sideline Cancer Committee

-Assist in the planning and coordination of the Sideline Cancer Football Game, Basketball Game, Pep Rally and Kickball Tournament. Be present at all of the above mentioned events.

-Work a table at Sideline Cancer games selling Sideline Cancer t-shirts.

-Be willing to talk to the public. Learn and share the Mission of Sideline Cancer with game attendees.


Community Service Committee

-Must possess a desire to help others and excellent time management skills.

-For students who would like to go above and beyond the 25 hour.

-Evening and weekend availability is a must.

-Participation in the Mountain Lion Back Pack Program is a must. The Back Pack program is held on Wednesdays and Thursday from 5-7 PM.

-Participation in additional volunteer opportunities as they arise.


Celebration Committee

-Must assist in the planning and coordination of the Angel Tree, 12 Days of Christmas, and the Christmas Parade.

-Must be available to work outside of the regular school day. (After school, before school)

-Creativity a plus!