Bishop Guilfoyle

Bishop Guilfoyle

Catholic High School

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Goodness, Discipline, Knowledge


High school is filled with countless memories and laughs. Don't you wish that you could capture and remember them all? You can! The Bishop Guilfoyle yearbook is here to help. Each year, a group of students collaborates in order to collect photos, organize information, and execute an Accolade. Students are eligible to sign up for Journalism/Public Speaking, which is the class that currently publishes the yearbook. Using an online site, students are able to upload, edit, and create a unique book for all BG students. Creativity is a necessity and students are encouraged to let their ideas show. Students interact with their peers as well as faculty and staff in order to accomplish the feat of creating a yearbook.

There is a section of the yearbook for everyone. Clubs, Dances, Blood Drives, Graduation, Athletics, and Student Lists are all covered annually in the Bishop Guilfoyle Yearbook. Successes and accomplishments are highlighted in each respective section. Students can choose which sections in which they desire to work. As well, students who are not on the Accolade committee are able to submit pictures that they wish to include from school events and activities. Parents are also able to include photos, personal messages, and ads in the yearbook - creating something truly special and unique. Also, each yearbook is dedicated to a particular individual. The yearbook club decides this during the school year, making each year's yearbook personal and different from the year before.

If you're creative, like working with computers, and enjoy being involved, Yearbook is the place for you!

Moderator: Mrs. Lisa Kuhn