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Bishop Guilfoyle

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Goodness, Discipline, Knowledge

A Letter from Principal Joan Donnelly

At Bishop Guilfoyle we are carrying on the tradition to remain committed to our students’ journeys from their high school experiences to lives of success, happiness and significance.  As we introduce the Class of 2023 – the 97th senior class to graduate from Altoona Catholic/Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High School – to the ranks of our alumni, we re-affirm our efforts to provide exceptional educational experiences befitting our proud tradition.

We continue to embrace our founding values – goodness, discipline, knowledge – and our commitment to an educational program centered on the teachings of Jesus Christ.  At the same time, we are keenly aware that we must incorporate quality competitive programs to prepare our students for our ever-changing and competitive world.  By external standards, BG offers an excellent return on investment in our educational program.  Our 100% college placement rate, higher-than-national-average test scores, opportunities for unselfish service, and challenging curriculum based on enduring values and yet adapting to the needs of the times –through these measures our high school is always changing, always renewing, while remaining true to our mission. 

Each year sees additional adjustments and attention to what is needed to prepare our students to live happily and productively in our constantly changing world.  Our recent advances in conjunction with higher education institutions, use of seemingly unlimited possibilities offered by technological advances, opportunities related to foreign languages and travel, a robust religion program offering opportunities for leadership and spiritual growth – all of these contribute to our steady progression toward what will best benefit our students.

Visitors to our school would be able to see, after just a short period of time, a fine balance of vigorous academic atmosphere, genuine care and concern for others, enthusiastic support and participation in activities – in other words, a happy community where students are busily engaged in their work, play, and prayer. 

We have a tradition of 100+ years of Catholic education.  We have 12,000 alumni who display our school values of goodness, discipline, and knowledge in their chosen careers, and in their involvement in Church and community.  We have teachers who pursue their calling as educators with passion and compassion, with challenge and encouragement.  And we have students who carry on our long tradition of excellence with youthful energy and enthusiasm.

We here at Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High School we have such a strong message to be heard!