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Dear Parent of BG Student-Athlete: 

We are launching a new program to benefit BG Athletics and need every BG athlete to participate. Please see action steps for you below. Running our first class, quality athletic department programs requires funding, but the pandemic has disrupted our revenue. Fundraisers have been down, and a lack of spectator ticketing revenue have left us with a deficit. We all know that fundraising puts pressure on everyone (students, families, and coaches) so to make it easier we are using an online fundraising platform called FanAngel to minimize the work and maximize our gains. We are hoping that this fundraiser becomes our biggest and best annual fundraiser. Based upon our success, we may be able to eliminate some of the smaller fundraisers that we ask parents to participate in.  

The proceeds will go directly to your teams to purchase equipment, uniforms, awards, maintain our fields, and fund transportation for our Marauder-Proud athletes. These are costs not covered by tuition, the district, or the league. We have set an initial fundraising goal of $1,000 per student-athlete. This is an aspirational goal, and not a requirement. However, we will reduce your mandatory athletic fundraising fee by an amount equal to 10% of the money your student raises from this campaign.  

Parents of student athletes should follow the step indicated below: 

It takes EVERYONE’S participation to make it work.  

Here's what parents of student athletes need to do by Friday, March 19, 2021: 

  • Watch the 2-minute video tutorial to instruct you on how to set up a FanAngel account for your student-athlete at   
  • Create your participant's (student-athlete) account, take a photo/use an existing photo of your athlete in uniform, upload the photo and enter at least 20+ email and numbers at: 

  • Some families may have multiple children playing sports. In this case, you may split the email addresses between all of your children in any allocation you feel is appropriate. While we prefer email addresses, we recognize that you may not have an email address for some people. Therefore, we will also accept cell phone numbers and send text messages as an alternative to email. Make sure you include your son or daughter’s biggest supporters from around the country.  


Note: Please do not share the above URL - it is to only be used to create your student-athlete profile. FanAngel will email or text everyone you put in its system. You should also post your personalized URL on your social media accounts and use the printable flyer to bring to businesses or neighbors to solicit donations. You are not required to post your FanAngel URL on social media or hand deliver flyers but they are good options to help you reach your fundraising goals.  


Things parents should know about our fundraiser on FanAngel: 

  1. It is very important that the student athletes put a good picture of themselves when they register. Student pictures have been proven to drive more donations.  
  2. Once your child has created their profile, make sure that only valid email addresses and cell phone numbers have been entered. They are placed into a queue and no correspondence will go out to any of them until every student athlete in the school has completed their profiles.  
  3. FanAngel uses the industry's most secure privacy and protection standards. Email addresses and phone numbers are never shared or sold.  
  4. FanAngel’s automation system will send supporters up to three reminders after launch: one after 3 days, one after 10 days, and lastly 4 days prior to the end of the campaign. When the supporter has donated, they will not receive additional reminders. Please know that the supporter has the ability to unsubscribe at any time. 
  5. After 7 days, if there seems to be something wrong with an email address (mistyped, junk folder, etc.), participants will receive a notification with a reminder to reach out directly to the supporter (we suggest to forward the email from your personal account and/or call/text the supporter). 
  6. When donors visit the page, they will see the participant's individual goal in a separate area of the team goal. Individual goals will initially show $1,000 and both that and the team goal will be automatically increased up to 100% when their initial goal has been met. This staged goal has been shown to increase online fundraising results. 

We understand that creating your supporter list can sometimes feel difficult. Please use the following suggestion list to help find quality supporters who both have the desire and means to support our program. If you’re not sure if someone would be interested, we highly recommend to still add them - you’ll be surprised who is happy to support us. 


Donor Idea List 

  • Family Friends 
  • Grandmother/Grandfather, Great Grandparents 
  • Aunts/Uncles, Great Aunts/Uncles 
  • Community contacts: doctors, dentists, lawyers 
  • Cousins 
  • Neighbors 
  • Family Co-workers 
  • Church & Social Friends 
  • Parent’s Best Friends 
  • Parent's Alumni friends 
  • **We highly suggest to please not include Teachers and Student Peers. 



BG Athletics Booster Club Executive Board 

Joe LandolfiBishop Guilfoyle Athletics Director