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Bishop Guilfoyle

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Amidst our anticipation for another exciting athletic year, the ongoing challenges of global inflation and supply chain disruptions have unfortunately cast a shadow on our Sports programs. However, we remain steadfast in our commitment to nurturing and expanding our cherished athletic endeavors.

Bishop Guilfoyle takes pride in offering 17 PIAA-sanctioned sports programs, alongside our Marching Band, Dance Team, and Cheer squads. Our dedicated student-athletes and coaches work tirelessly to uphold BG's positive reputation year-round. Simultaneously, the costs of operation have surged as we strive to enhance both athletic and academic prospects while fortifying the athletic department's foundation.

Having witnessed firsthand the profound impact of your contributions, I am acutely aware of the transformation they bring to the lives of our current students and coaches, as well as those who grace our School.

With your steadfast support, whether it's ongoing or newfound, we can propel our programs to unprecedented heights of achievement, nurturing students academically, athletically, and spiritually. In the face of today's challenges in interscholastic athletics, Bishop Guilfoyle stands resilient. Your support empowers us to surmount these obstacles and provide an exceptional student-athlete experience for all who proudly represent our High School. I humbly request your assistance – a choice that will distinctly influence the lives of our incredibly talented student-athletes and coaches.

Ways to contribute to Athletics at Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High School:

• Respond to our students' and staff's outreach during fundraising campaigns.

• Offer your time and skills as a volunteer for fundraising events.

• Spread the word about BG's achievements among friends, family, and neighbors.



Joe Landolfi

Director of Athletics