Bishop Guilfoyle

Bishop Guilfoyle

Catholic High School

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Goodness, Discipline, Knowledge

Graduate Profile

Traditionally Our Graduates:

• 100% receive a high school diploma;
• Earn a minimum of 28 academic credits with the majority earning 32 academic credits;
• Complete a minimum of 100 service hours;
• 100% who apply for admission are accepted to post-secondary institutions;
• 50% of our graduates earn academic/merit scholarships;
• 100% performance measure for advanced placement core offerings;
• 40% earn college credits equivalent to at least one college semester;
• Top 10% exceed projected national SAT average by approximately 400 points;
• Top 30% exceed projected national SAT average by approximately 300 points;
• 100% college ready benchmark performance measure on SAT/ACT;
• 75% achieve GPA exceeding the academic criteria set by the National Honor Society;
• 95% participating in at least one extracurricular activity;
• Over 15% of the student athletes move on to play sports at the collegiate level


Catholic tradition
Respect for life
Lifelong learning
Community involvement/service
Personal responsibility and accountability
Appreciation for the arts
Importance of being a member of a faith community


That their lives should be God-centered
That Christ is the primary teacher
In the self-worth of all individuals
In the dignity of labor
In the direct correlation between actions and consequences
That there is a difference between a right and a privilege
That their potential is unlimited


Joy for life
Ability to set and obtain reasonable goals and expectations
Their knowledge and appreciation of the values of the Roman Catholic Church
A respect for other faiths
Critical thinking