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Tax Credits

EITC:  State of Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program


The State of Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC) awards tax credits to eligible entities contributing to qualified organizations.  It enables taxpayers to direct their state taxes to fund scholarships at BG.   All donations go directly toward scholarships to qualifying families.  This helps families afford BG tuition.  It also helps the school by funding need-based awards we make under BG’s generous financial aid policy. 


Recently, participation has been expanded, so whether you are an individual or a business entity, please contact us.  We will provide more information, and guide you through a simple process to direct your state tax dollars to BG instead of to Harrisburg.  Depending on your individual situation, you may also receive Federal tax benefits, too.


BG’s “SchoolCredits” EITC program enables families and other supporters to direct their tax dollars to help keep tuition low.  Please contact us for more information. 


Businesses can apply for credits two ways:  1) directly from the State of Pennsylvania or 2) through a Special Purpose Entity.   The business application guide explains the process of applying directly.  However, it has been simpler for many taxpayers to get credits through a Special Purpose Entity which manages the application and other requirements.


 For more information contact or


State of Pennsylvania website: