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Bishop Guilfoyle

Catholic High School

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Goodness, Discipline, Knowledge

Student Grading Requirements

Academic Excellence Expected
The grades that a student receives are influenced by intellectual ability, study habits, personal effort, interest, subject matter and teacher. Tests and examinations, class participation, assignments, and other criteria noted on the course syllabus are used to compute grades. Grades are an evaluation of what the student has learned and become a part of the permanent record. Colleges, potential employers, and the various military services will eventually inquire about high school grades.

Grading Requirements
The minimum passing grade at Bishop Guilfoyle High School is 70% for all subjects. For full-year courses, 50% is the lowest grade recorded for the first three quarters; the actual percentage grade is issued for the last quarter. For semester courses, 50% is the lowest grade recorded for the first quarter; the actual percentage grade is issued for the second quarter. The minimum of 50% is intended as an incentive for students to try harder, knowing that more effort can still result in a passing grade for the year. Report cards are issued at the end of each quarter.

Parents have access to their student's grades through PowerSchool.

Participation in graduation is a privilege reserved for those who earned their diploma. Students who have successfully completed all academic requirements, have no pending disciplinary action and have all financial obligations met will be permitted to participate in commencement exercises at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament.

Students who are one academic credit deficient, who are registered for the credit in summer school, and who meet all other requirements may be permitted to participate upon approval of the principal.