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Goodness, Discipline, Knowledge


Our 10,000 alumni live all over the world and work in nearly every profession. No matter where they are living or what they are doing, the education they received at Bishop Guilfoyle is helping them make positive contributions to society. See what our alumni have to say about the gift of a Bishop Guilfoyle education.

“I felt like the quality of education at BG was excellent and in depth. When I got to college, I had freshmen literature and I had already read a third to 50 percent of the readings already. I could move on and think outside the box. Some classmates [in college] struggled with literature and math in college, but I didn’t.”
Anastasia (Rothrauff) Pleasant, ‘80
National Entertainment Photographer


“Last time I bumped into him, Coach Irwin asked how I was 'setting the world on fire.'  Setting the world on fire.  That’s the expectation of a Bishop Guilfoyle grad.  In exchange for the gifts we’ve been given, that’s the demand.  Crucially, though, we can fulfill this task -- not just in grand, sweeping accomplishments that the world might recognize -- but, as our teachers and coaches stressed, one day, one person, one little prayer at a time.”
Tommy Forr, ‘03
Corporate Lawyer
Notre Dame, UPenn

"The relationships I formed at Bishop Guilfoyle have given me the support and drive to pursue my aspirations. The BG community continues to encourage and inspire me to make a difference in the world. The deep sense of faith and belonging that are part of being in the BG family are an important part of who I am. My commitment to the values of gratitude, hard work, and helping others stem from my Catholic education.”
Erica Wiley, ‘08
PhD Program in Counseling Psychology at Cleveland State University

"I think BG is uniquely positioned; it provided me with a secure learning environment, and passionate teachers who not only taught classes but life lessons.  It’s not just a prep-school/high school, but a community.  Although I did not know what my ultimate career path would be at the time, BG fostered my curiosity and surrounded me with a 'pseudo-family' who loved nothing more than to help me to succeed."
Lauren Kristofco, ‘07
Allegheny College, Meadville, Pennsylvania; BS Biology, BS Spanish
Baylor University, Waco, TX; Ph.D. Student - Institute of Ecological, Earth, & Environmental Sciences

“The nurturing and academic experience that I received from Catholic education has been a driving force in my life. I wouldn’t be the person I am without the support of my BG family.”
Dr. Zane Gates, ‘85
Medical Doctor

Bishop Guilfoyle helped prepare me for college by providing an environment of incredible support and encouragement that boosted my self-confidence and helped me realize that I could accomplish whatever I set my mind to."
Dr. Megan McConnell, ‘08


“BG is like family. The teachers genuinely care for your well-being and success.”
Elyse Ferrell, ‘12
The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise

“Bishop Guilfoyle provided me with a strong academic and spiritual foundation to stand on as I pursued higher education and my career. The work ethic and values fostered by my Catholic education have become integrated into my daily life, both professional and personal.”
Maurie Donnelly, ‘03
University of Notre Dame, ‘07
Vanderbilt University of Law School, ‘10

“Looking back I really appreciated my Catholic education. For one thing was the spiritual guidance. I’m still Catholic. I think they treated me more as an individual in a spiritual way. They were very nurturing. It wasn’t just about the rules and education. It was about the Catholic side of it.”
Ed Rieker, ‘80
Commercial Advertising Photographer


“BG has been special to me because we are like a family. BG has also helped me grow in my faith and into a better person because I know God is always with me through everything.”
Hayley Kelleher, ‘12
Penn State Altoona


“BG is a small, family-orientated school that puts a name to a face. You are not just a number.”Jared Keller, ‘12
George Mason University

“I rely on the lessons that I learned at BG every day. Specifically, BG taught
me the value of Christian leadership. Through the example of the great
teachers, coaches, volunteers and parents who comprise the BG community, I learned the importance of honest service towards others.”
William T. Ward, 05
First Lieutenant, United States Navy

“Bishop Guilfoyle has shaped me into not only the man I want to be, but the man I need to be.”
Zach Kelley, ‘12
Duquesne University


“BG instilled in me the values and work ethic needed to accomplish my goals in college. The dedicated teachers pushed me to be the best student I could possibly be, both academically and morally, while believing in me every step of the way. BG was a very beneficial experience and greatly helped to prepare me for college.”
Meagan Lenze, BG ‘08
Slippery Rock University, ’12, Summa cum Laude
Social Media Coordinator, Ogden Directories


“The BG community is more like a family than a school to me. The teachers helped me reach my dreams. Moving to Altoona from out of town in 10th grade was hard, but everyone at BG helped me along the way.”
Katie Lozinak, ‘12
Buffalo State University


“BG has helped me to grow and shine as an individual. I was given the nurturing, encouraging, and faith-filled environment that would prepare any person to work towards fulfilling his or her full potential.”
Sarah Shanoudy, ‘12
George Mason University
Honors College for Global Affairs

“BG is where I discovered my love of service to others. This love directed me to my profession, my military service and medical mission trips abroad.”
Dr. Cara (Toomey) Fox, ‘94
Director of the Student Health Center
Saint Francis University

“Catholic education gave me plenty of exposure to the concept of putting duty and a larger good ahead of petty, short-term concerns.
Colonel Robert L. Fanelli, ‘84
U.S. Army


“The amount of work that I had at BG allowed me to adjust to the Notre Dame workload easily. Spiritually, my faith grew at Notre Dame, but only because of the strong foundations that had been put in place by my teachers at BG.”
Mary Forr, ‘07
University of Notre Dame, ‘11

“When you have a good moral base, you can do anything. The integrity and values that I learned from my family and through Catholic education are invaluable to me.”
Dr. Don Whiting, ‘76
Vice Chair, Dept. of Neurosurgery
Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA


“My Catholic education provided the foundation for my academic and professional future. My work ethic, community orientation, intellectual curiosity, and ability to combine joy with work, all stem from my Catholic education.”
Dr. Mary O’Leary Wiley, ‘76


"The core values that I learned at BG helped me to navigate the challenging environment of the Merchant Marines, as well as the Army. My involvement in football and ice hockey while in high school taught me team work. The fact that I had been wearing a uniform since elementary school was an added bonus."
Ryan O’Connor, ‘05
First Lieutenant, U.S. Army


"Attending BG was the best choice that I ever made. Religion classes, teachers that genuinely care, small class sizes, uniforms and fun extracurricular activities made my two years at BG so memorable.”
Carolyn Silveira, ‘12
West Virginia University
Honors College